We’re changing the job market

We undermine existing reality, implement non-standard recruitment solutions and ask ourselves how we can get better every day.

Talent Place was established in 2016 in response to the demand for staff in the BPO / SSC industry. It was clear that the internal resources of HR departments were insufficient and traditional recruitment methods used by recruitment agencies were failing to meet demand. The first project that we implemented concerned the recruitment of candidates who spoke German. At that time, we hired "ambassadors" who promoted the job offer at universities. The next step was to modify the process to make it possible to complete it 100% remotely. This is how we started cooperation with remote recruiters, and Talent Place began to operate based on crowdstaffing. We quickly learned that this was the most effective recruitment method available. Now, we employ over 80 professional recruiters who work remotely and recruit internationally, and our community is still growing.

Talent Place is part of the Everuptive Group, a provider of effective business solutions that operate based on the potential of the Internet and modern technologies. Everuptive also includes Skillveo, a training platform for companies, and Notatek.pl, an educational platform for students.

How do we work?

At Talent Place, we strive to provide the best recruitment process and results on the labor market through a community of remote recruiters.

What supports us in achieving this goal?

100% kept promises
providing quality that goes beyond everyone’s expectations
care for candidate experience

Our values

At Talent Place, we cultivate our values. They influence our everyday decisions and set the direction for further action. Regardless of whether we work with clients, recruit a candidate or employ a recruiter, our organizational culture helps to meet the needs of each of these groups.

Quality - We’re dedicated to high-quality performance and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Courage - We have the courage to create new solutions, promote groundbreaking and custom recruitment methods, and go beyond the status quo. The fact that an individual can create reality is our inspiration.

Professionalism - We fulfill our promises 100%, take responsibility for our actions and always show initiative in the face of challenges.

Partnership - We operate on the basis of direct and honest communication. We believe that cooperation and mutual trust allow us to achieve the best results.

Join the Talent Place team and expand your potential!

People are important to us at Talent Place. That is why we have created an organizational culture in which everyone can be themselves, use their talents and take an active part in the development of the company. What makes us stand out?

we work remotely

we focus on development

we question the usual patterns

we implement strategic initiatives together

we like spending time together

Talent Place is all about people. Get to know us!

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Join us as a recruiter

Are you a recruiter? Would you like to work flexibly for the best employers? At Talent Place, you can work remotely and gain an additional source of income.

If this model of cooperation sounds interesting to you, send us your CV and our recruiter will reach out to you. Would you like to know more details? Visit our section dedicated to recruiters.

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Talent Place is all about people. Get to know us!

Our team consists of 80 remote employees and 20 employees in our offices in Krakow and Warsaw. In our team, we put people, their needs, talents and predispositions first. If, like us, you believe that an individual can create their own reality, Talent Place is the place for you.