A new approach to recruitment

Thanks to a community of professional recruiters, we reach even the most hard-to-find candidates. Our solution allows you to recruit more efficiently and qualitatively.

Our recruitment methods

A community of HR experts
Cooperation with top experts in recruitment
+100 professional recruiters
95% effectiveness in employee recommendations
An active database of candidates based on relationships
Innovative recruitment model
700+ positions filled per year
100% comprehensive solution
Effective, qualitative and faster recruitment
Tailored to customer needs

Recruitment and Talent Hunting

The combined experience of our professional recruiters allows us to attract even the most difficult-to-reach candidates, regardless of industry and location. Are you looking for an employee with specialized skills? Do you need to find a large number of candidates in a short time? Thanks to our community of recruiters, Talent Place will help you hire up to 50 people a month.

  • Customer support in determining the most effective recruitment methods
  • Adaptation of approach and solutions to individual customer needs
  • Optimal, scalable service that perfectly complements the recruitment model

Verification of remote employees

Eliminate the business risk of hiring the wrong person with a detailed competence test that will show you how prepared you are for remote work.

  • Examination of the candidate's predispositions on the basis of parameters developed by remote work experts
  • Measurable assessment criteria to assess readiness for work outside the office
  • Customer support in the implementation of elements verifying candidates for remote work in the existing recruitment process

Recruitment marketing

The crowdstaffing model allows us to combine all the best recruitment solutions and increases the reach of recruitment campaigns. Our services consist of many components that are tailored to the individual needs of each client.

  • Defining the most optimal channels for reaching candidates
  • Preparation of comprehensive campaigns that guarantee the maximum flow of applications
  • Active search for new, non-standard sources of recruitment

Enhance the way you recruit employees

Cooperation with top experts

The Talent Place community gathers experts normally inaccessible to agencies and internal HR teams. We involve specialists in our projects who are familiar with industry realities and have many years of experience on the selected market.

Increased reach

Our recruiters operate throughout Poland and selected European countries, allowing us to find employees in every location. Our range is also present in the number of channels we use - we reach the largest possible pool of candidates.

Guarantee of success

Our billing model obliges us to provide recommendations of the highest quality. Thanks to this, we guarantee the implementation of the project and do not undertake recruitment projects that we will not be able to achieve.

A comprehensive solution

We use all the best recruitment solutions and offer our clients a solution tailored to their individual needs

Optimizing the acquisition of candidates

We supply our clients only with candidates who are qualified, interested and available.

Time saving

The high quality of our recommendations allows you to accelerate the recruitment process and recruit candidates faster.

A community that works

Olga Szyszka
Talent Recruiter | Talent Place
Marta Ambroziak
Community Mentor | Talent Place
Agnieszka Czarnecka
Talent Recruiter | Talent Place

We work with the best

At Talent Place we want candidates to have the best possible experience in the recruitment process. That’s why we work together with the best employers who, like us, take care to consider the needs of all parties.

Improve the way you recruit

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