Case study: Credit Agricole

How this global bank began to attract up to 250 candidates per month.

About the company

Credit Agricole Bank Polska is part of an international banking group that operates in forty-seven countries, serves over fifty-one million customers and has 141,000 employees. There are currently nearly 400 bank branches located in all major cities across Poland.

Sector: Banking
Number of Employees: 141 000
Challenge: High-volume recruiting

When the number of applications needed to fill one position is too small

250 candidates monthly 50% increase in the number of hires

Credit Agricole is a universal bank, focusing its activities on building long-term relationships with clients through professional and friendly service. To be able to achieve these goals, the group places great emphasis on the internal development of its Contact Center department. Due to the rapid development path of employees and their promotions, the group is constantly looking for candidates for entry-level positions and Customer Advisors.

To ensure the development of Contact Center structures, Credit Agricole recruits up to 250 new candidates monthly. With such a large volume of recruitment, the natural solution was to use external support, initially in the form of traditional recruitment agencies. However, it was soon clear that the agencies were not able to satisfy the significant needs of Credit Agricole and the final results of the cooperation were not satisfactory. Seeking an alternative, Credit Agricole turned to Talent Place.

Crowdstaffing for high-volume recruiting

After the recruitment agencies failed to meet the required targets, Credit Agricole decided to cooperate with Talent Place. The first joint project covered 50 recommended candidates and was 100% fulfilled.

Thanks to our community of qualified remote recruiters, we were able to quickly reach passive candidates who had not yet started to think about changing jobs. We also established a project team as part of Talent Place, which included a group of recruiters focused on finding available and motivated employees that met the requirements of Credit Agricole. Recruiters from the Talent Place community also built relationships with candidates, staying in constant contact with them and informing them about each stage of the recruitment process. As a result, we not only managed to increase the number of applications, but also increased the participation of candidates.

How many employees are hired monthly in a Contact Center?

With the growing number of Credit Agricole customers, the amount of resources needed to build a positive customer experience is increasing. Thanks to cooperation with Talent Place, Credit Agricole has hired up to 50% more employees. According to data provided by the Bank, in the first half of 2019, as many as 98 Candidates selected by Talent Place were employed.

“I've had the pleasure of working with Talent Place for over two years. The crowdstaffing model that they use allows us to maintain employment continuity and build Contact Center structures, which translates into achieving the bank's business goals. I can always count on a professional approach to our needs and even meet them if needed. I really appreciate the flexibility that we enjoy in our cooperation. Candidates selected by Talent Place always match the profile we are looking for. Talent Place has been expertly fully fulfilling its contracts for several years." Marta Kosowicka, HRBP, Credit Agricole.

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