Case Study: Microsoft

How an IT giant successfully acquired candidates for an international internship

About the company

Microsoft is one of the largest IT companies in the world. In 2019, the company employed nearly 145,000 people in 120 countries. Currently, one of Microsoft's most strategic products is their proprietary Azure cloud platform.

Sector: IT
Number of employees: 145 000 in 120 countries
Challenge: International recruitment of programmers for internships

Recruiting programmers for an internship in Hungary

The recruitment of programmers for internships at Microsoft spans the globe. This makes reaching a group of students with a certain range of competences a challenge. When recruitment in Hungary proved to be difficult, Microsoft decided to establish cooperation with Talent Place and base the recruitment campaign on the crowdstaffing method. This cooperation began thanks to the platform, which previously supported Microsoft's recruitment processes in Poland and, like Talent Place, belongs to the Everuptive Group.

Who knows the needs of students better than students?

Talent Place was entrusted with the implementation of a recruitment campaign in Budapest, with the goal of reaching ambitious IT and marketing students and recommending an internship and graduate program at Microsoft.

"(...) without appropriate support it is not always possible to ensure high quality and efficiency in student recruitment activities." Marcin Kurnik, Sr. University Recruiter, Microsoft

The client wanted people who were qualified for the student program to meet the company's internal criteria, including knowledge of the English language. The best experts in the student community turned out to be ... other students! That is why Talent Place involved their youngest recruiters in the project—because they understand the student environment and are part of it.

Crowdstaffing as a solution for recruiting interns

Thanks to the verification of the capabilities and basic criteria of the Candidates by Talent Place, the applications that were passed to the client were more tailored to the demands of the position. According to Marcin Kurnik, “(...) it has been our most successful talent search campaign for internship and graduate programs in Hungary so far " .

Talent Place completed 100% of the recruitment target, and the candidates provided had the competences sought by Microsoft.

“I can most definitely recommend the idea of crowdstaffing, which is a sign of the times, a method needed in a modern, rapidly changing world. Talent Place is a pioneer in using this approach on the Polish market, so it is natural that we decided to cooperate with them," says Kurnik.

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