How a technology company managed to search for candidates abroad

About the company Group S.A. is a technology company that has been developing one of the most important logistics platforms in Europe since 2004. It has branches in thirteen European countries and over seven hundred employees. The company's headquarters and HR are located in Poland.

Sector: Logistics
Number of employees: 700+
Challenge: Hiring specialists with experience in the field of logistics

When job portals and recruitment agencies fail to look for foreign candidates

One of the challenges of the recruitment team in Poland was the employment of five people for the position of Account Specialist for teams in Germany (with knowledge of German) and the Netherlands (with knowledge of Dutch and French). recruiters carried out thirty recruitment processes for positions at the headquarters at that time, so their resources were very limited.

It quickly turned out that without knowing the local labor market and directly reaching the candidates, the project would be difficult to implement. Therefore, attempts were made to cooperate with a German recruitment agency, but it did not want to recruit for lower-level positions. That's when decided to start cooperation with Talent Place.

Crowdstaffing as a response to the challenges of foreign recruitment

The project was supported by a recruiter from the Talent Place community who knows the German labor market very well and is fluent in German and French. Thanks to this, during recruitment interviews with candidates, she was able to communicate freely with them and immediately verify their language level, which significantly shortened the entire process.

As Elżbieta Elimer, HR Expert at, says: "For me, cooperation with Nadia was great! She was very involved in the project, and the information she provided to us after the interviews with the candidates was so specific that we knew exactly who to invite to an interview." Talent Place's task was to provide 10 recommendations and the goal was 100% achieved.

Recruiter networks and knowledge of the local labor market

Through a network of recruiter communities, Talent Place directly reached candidates who were well-suited to the role. Thanks to this, the project in the Netherlands was 100% successful.

“Great cooperation, which at that moment fully met our needs. For us, the main value was that the recruiter knew the local market and from the beginning showed us what possible challenges could arise. A recruiter who knows what the inhabitants of a given country pay attention to and how they approach recruitment is a huge plus during this process. That is why I would definitely recommend Talent Place to other companies. " Elżbieta Elimer, HR Expert,

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