Case study: JIVR

How to employ people in multiple countries simultaneously

About the company

Since 2011 JIVR is a producer and manufacturer of urban electric bikes. The company distributes its products mostly to Western European countries and supports residents of big cities in moving around and commuting without a car.

Sector: Engineering
Number of Employees: 20
Challenge: Simultaneous recruitment processes in multiple countries

How to recruit sales network in multiple European countries simultaneously

A network of brand ambassadors was one of the sales channels of JIVR between 2018 and 2019. The ambassadors were responsible for setting up meetings with interested clients, organizing test rides, and supporting users in case of technical problems with their electric bikes.

JIVR ambassadors had to meet certain requirements, possess an appropriate network of contacts, and be able to meet with the clients outside the standard working hours. Localization of the potential employees was an additional challenge - JIVR decided to run the ambassadors program in more than 10 European cities, including Berlin, Brussels, and London.

Local recruitment requires local support

JIVR decided to use Talent Place’s support from the very beginning of the project. Interior HR resources of the bike producer were insufficient to hire so many candidates in over 10 different cities.

Talent Place and it’s international community of HR experts turned out to be a perfect solution. Thanks to its cloud of recruiters who are localized in different parts of Europe, Talent Place was able to search for candidates locally, taking into account the specifics of the local market - including wages expectations, availability of candidates, and the most effective ways of sourcing. Talent Place also supported JIVR in the verification of potential ambassadors.

Asynchronous recruitment as a way to overcome the distance challenges

The whole process of acquiring new candidates for JIVR took 2 months and was divided into two rounds. The purpose of the first one was to acquire 6 candidates in 6 cities - Zurich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Brussels, and Copenhagen. During the recruitment process, Talent Place focused on the quality and the appropriate selection of candidates. As a result, each one out of two candidates was in the end successfully employed.

Recruitment process consisted of 3 stages and was executed 100% online:

  1. Initial verification of candidates by Talent Place
  2. Asynchronous online job interview, during which candidates answered for questions displayed automatically by the platform for asynchronous interviews
  3. Final interview with representatives of JIVR

We were amazed by Talent Place’s pace of work’ said Marcin Piątkowski. CEO JIVR. ‘We assumed, that recruiting over 10 candidates in multiple European cities is a demanding project and will last for many months. Talent Place quickly proved, that diversity of localizations is not a challenge for them. Thanks to the community of recruiters, they were able to accomplish the project in a much shorter time. What’s more, despite the fact that the whole project was conducted online, the quality of recommendations was beyond the expectations, which ultimately gave us outstanding employees’ he adds.

After Talent Place delivered 100% of assumed employment in the first stage, JIVR decided to continue the project and commission another 10 brand ambassadors in France, England, Scotland, Spain, and Italy. The process again ended up as a success but due to interior changes in JIVR, in the end the candidates didn’t cooperate with the company.

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