Recruit flexibly for the best
employers on the labor market

At Talent Place, you can not only recruit and earn, but also learn from the experience of recruiters from other industries. We focus on acquiring customers, and you can focus on what you do best - effective recruitment.

How does Talent Place work?

Talent Place is an international community of HR experts. We combine recruitment specialists from a number of industries, engaging them in additional recruitment projects for the best employers. By working with us you can use your knowledge, develop in new areas and draw on the know-how of over 100 people.
We work with 100+ HR experts, and our community is constantly growing
Thanks to cooperation with a community of specialists, we recruit more effectively
Remote work
Our experts work 100% remotely, from all over the globe
We are a partner that supports recruiters at every stage of cooperation with clients
We care about the development of our recruiters by offering them diverse and rewarding career paths

Recruit the way you want

You work on a project basis with Talent Place. We deal with the business side, and you take on recruitment processes of your choice while using your experience to get the job done.
  • Work on your own terms, when and where you want
  • Choose the projects you want to get involved in
  • Work more efficiently, when your candidates are most available
  • Benefit from the knowledge gained by +100 HR experts
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to consult with other specialists in the community
  • Share your knowledge during workshops and events
Business Support
  • Focus on project implementation without having to look for new clients
  • Receive all necessary information needed to successfully implement each project
  • Get support at every stage and become our partner
Diversification of income sources
  • Combine work at Talent Place with other professional projects
  • Earn on recommendations and employment = get paid for your contributions
  • By working with Talent Place you are rewarded for all the work you have done
recruiters in the community
recruitments completed annually
of recruiters have over 5 years of experience in end-to-end recruitment

A community of HR experts

Our community is made up of HR experts specialized in various industries. This is what sets us apart:

  • a focus on continuous development, knowledge sharing and training in other areas where they feel the best
  • partnership in recruitment thanks to abroad knowledge of the labor market, for both candidates and clients
  • proactivity and courage in the implementation of new projects
  • independence and freedom to implement new, groundbreaking solutions
  • a focus on the needs and talents of everyone involved
  • honest communication, transparency and empathy

Developing yourself with Talent Place

Working with Talent Place, you can choose one of three career paths depending on your experience and availability.
Talent Recruiter
Are you a specialist in recruitment? Search for candidates, evaluate skills and guide them through the recruitment process all the way to their first day on the job.
Sales Expert
Do you have great sales skills? Join the Sales team, take part in meetings with clients and develop Talent Place with us
Client Success Manager
Do you want to be a 360 recruiter? With us you can support clients, recruit candidates and manage a team of remote recruiters!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

How can I get started at Talent Place and when will I start my first project?
Cooperation with Talent Place starts by signing a framework agreement, which specifies the general terms of cooperation. From then on you are a part of our community! At the start of a given project, you decide whether you have what it takes to implement it. If your skills allow it and you are available, then we get started! We also sign an annex to the contract, which has details about the financial conditions of the particular project.
Do I have to leave my current job to join Talent Place?
No. You can execute recruitment projects with us without giving up your existing professional obligations. In this way, you can diversify your source of income and take on additional challenges.
Do I need to have my own company work with Talent Place?
No, you don't have to have your own business. In addition to a B2B contract, we also offer other forms of cooperation.
How much will I be paid?
At Talent Place, we pay by the project, so payments depend on the type and difficulty of the project, as well as the number of projects that you execute with us.
How are payments made?
At Talent Place, we care about our recruiters, which is why you will receive remuneration from us for sending tailored recommendations and for employing a candidate.
What kind of availability do you require?
When you join a given project, you receive information about the time required for it and you decide for yourself whether this amount of time suits you. Time availability also depends on the number of projects you want to undertake.
In which fields do you operate?
We recruit in many industries, including BPO / SSC, banking, engineering, manufacturing, financial and IT industries.
Fill out the recruitment form and tell us about yourself
Solve the recruitment task and show off your skills in practice
Getting started with Talent Place
Starting cooperation
Time to sign a framework agreement and start cooperation :) Welcome to our recruiter community!
Let's talk about your mutual expectations. The meeting will be online and will last about 60 minutes.

Do you want to be independent and work on your own terms?

Submit your CV, join the recruiter community and grow thanks to the experience of HR experts from other industries. Do you have any questions? Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.

Do you have any questions? Let's talk!

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